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  • Most of those who know me know that I am not the most verbally-communicative person in the world - I live for being on my own and with my own thoughts. At the same time, I have thoughts, messages, experiences and lessons I have learnt, that I actually want the world to know about. And this is my way of journaling my experiences as well as hopefully reaching out to people that maybe are going through the same and just want someone to talk about it with (hence my forum). So this is where I will be sharing my inspiration for my passions - illustration, design, yoga, ideas of health, mental health, social issues, career dreams and whatever else catches my attention and feel needs to be communicated about. Since my main passion and goal in life is illustration i am going to be trying my best in communicating these ideas using illustration (this is also my way of practicing and experimenting with styles). Please feel free to make any comments that you feel necessary and let's chat :)